“Baltic Golf Tours” is a travel agency for golfers. We plan group and individual trips to Lithuania for golf lovers. Feeling adventurous? This region can offer a lot for golfers – from modern golf experience near city to nature inspired challenging golf courses in almost wild nature, from exciting nightlife and free time to cost effective shopping and leisure. You will be accommodated only in carefully selected and trusted hotels – the top picks in Vilnius.


“Baltic Golf Tours” started from pure love for the game. Long hours in the field, blisters on our hands and lots of adventures whilst traveling.

Our travel manager Peter have always enjoyed traveling to play golf. When he came to Lithuania, he saw the beauty of nature and simplicity and generosity of people, and it was the “EUREKA!” moment. We decided, that this destination has to be discovered by golf lovers from all around the world. This idea turned into great teamwork and now we are proud to say, that we are the first golf travel agency in Lithuania.

Skirmante is your guide through city and activities. She combines her Lithuanian roots and knowledge of Swiss culture to select the best activities and restaurants for everyone’s taste. So, you can prepare yourself for quite adventure out of your golf course.

Nerijus is always there if you have any questions. He is the one to take care of your experience here in Lithuania. Every golf course, hotel room, bus is checked, booked and there on time because of him.

Peter loves the game and is ready to be your tour guide for the whole trip. He combines his knowledge of golf and knows how to have fun playing golf – he will be your guide through the best experience a golf traveler could have. Peter will bring the Swiss quality to our Baltic tours for your comfort.

Success comes for the ones who work with their hearts. “Baltic Golf Tours” is not only a golf travel agency, firstly we are family and we are ready to give you the best time of your life. Don’t wait too long and immerse yourself in one and only – Baltic Golf Experience.